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Meet Our Youth of the Year 2017 Candidates – Leonardo Soto of our Port of LA Club

“I want to propose an online news website that would combine a list of dates of activities that government, private, or nonprofit organizations host. This way our youth have the chance to find new opportunities to help those in need and help them find a road to what they want to do in their future.”

Leonardo is currently a junior at Alliance Alice M. Baxter High School. He has been able to maintain a 4.05 grade point average, while taking honors and AP courses, running for Cross Country and becoming the Associated Student Body President and President of the Junior Statement of America chapter. He was also awarded a scholarship this past summer to study at Stanford University at the Junior Statement Summer School. He believes that “everyone no matter your background should be valid for a great future” and hopes to use his academic success to make that happen.

He has served as the Keystone Leadership Treasurer and was actively involved with every aspect of leadership within the group. Leonardo was nominated and received a position as an intern for the Los Angeles City Council for the 15th district. He plans to attend a four year university and ultimately wants to pursue a career in politics.

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