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Power Hour

Power Hour is an engaging homework help and tutoring program that encourages Club members of every age to become

self-directed learners. Members are able to take advantage of tutors, small group study sessions, and educational resources that are available during power hour. Tutoring and homework help, in every subject and grade, are available daily for every member. 

Targeted subject programs aims to identify members who are having difficulty a specific area and provide the resources needed for them to succeed. Program like Math Club, Reading Club, and Khan Academy allow members to receive targeted assistance in the subject areas they struggle with the most.


Our tutors help every member, from those who are continuing to struggle academically to those who just need help with a single math problem. Our trained staff encourage members to seek help with needed, help their peers when appropriate, and continue to strive both in and out of the classroom. Targeted subject programs, like Writer's Workshops or Math Club, help members succeed where they struggle. SAT and ACT prep classes are also available. 

Meet the Tutoring Members


"I like the Club because they help us with our homework. At school, sometimes the teachers are so busy and don't have time to help but we can come here after school and learn how to do everything. Then when I get home, I don't have to work anymore because my homework is already done!"


Damian attends daily Power Hour and Math Club. With the extra help he receives, he has discovered his passion math and for helping people, and as become even more excited about going to college and achieving his dream of becoming a doctor (and profession soccer player)!


Diana has been attending the after school program since we she was elementary school. Now that she is a part of the middle school center, she has taken on a more active role in tutoring and target subject programming. Diana is a peer tutor and encourages her peers to attend programs like Reading Club, Duolingo Club, and College Bound. 


"I have the peace of mind knowing that he is in a safe place. I'm happy that he has a place where he can jump on a bus, get help with his homework and be engaged in so many different activities."


"The Club truly, in every sense of the word, saved my life. The Club gave me a sense of security and a roof over my head. We had a lot of gangs when I was young, and those who didn't want to be a part of that life could come here. Now, my kids attend the Club. It helped them with their SATs, College Prep, and how to study. The Club absolutely prepares every young person who wants to go to college."




Your financial investment supports over 2,600 members per day receive comprehensive Triple A Programming!


Use your skills talents to encourage, teach and  mentor young members!


Our Clubs are always in need of various supplies and in-kind donations. Talk to our team to see how you can help!

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