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Alondra’s Moment

“The Club has allowed me to be the leader that not only my Club needs by my community needs. As I move forward, I am keeping my grades up, becoming more active within my high school, and maintaining my dedication to my Club site because I know I am capable of greatness.”

As a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor, Keystone (President), Fall into Literacy, College Bound, YDA Youth Leadership Council, Young Legislatures Councils, HEAR Club, and so many more, Alondra spends a majority of her time trying to better herself and the community around her. Her dedication to her community has made her a stand out member within the BGCLAH. Alondra descirbes herself as “organized, studious and self-determined”, and believes that “Old or young, our voices are equally important.” Her desire to make a change in the community has led her to become the Wilmington BGCLAH’s Youth of the Year.

As an immigrant from Mexico, Alondra used the sacrifices and challenges that she faced as motivation to become the best version of herself. Her mother, who grew up in Mexico, was unable to receive the education she wished she could have had due to financial hardships. Despite only receiving a 6th grade education, her mom has always pushed Alondra to continue her education. Prioritizing her education has led Alondra to be able to attend the California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS), a prestigious, high-academic focused high school with only three students from each middle school getting accepted each year. The transition into a new environment wasn’t easy. Coming from the low-income city of Wilmington onto a prestigious high school on the CSDH campus, Alondra struggled to fit in and succeed academically. She sought help for tutoring at the BGCLAH, and has become one of the involved members as she heads into her senior year.

Despite her hardships, she has always motivated herself to continue to work hard academically to achieve her dream of attending Stanford and becoming an environmental engineer. Through the Club, Alondra has allowed herself to grow. She has reached out when she needed help and helped others along the way. Alondra continues to make a difference at the Club, in her community and for herself.

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