Your financial support helps the 2,600 youth served per day receive access to programs and helps those who need us most. Your investment creates Pathways to Success for our members and helps our youth achieve their goals. Most donations to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor donation are tax deductible. 


Weekend Wellness

Your support will help over 300 each week have access to food during the weekend. If you would like to sponsor a Friday distribution, please email our Director of Volunteer Services, Dominique Marino at!


Corporate Partnership

Your business can help do Whatever it Takes to Create Great Futures for the kids in our community. To learn more about our Corporate Partner Program email us at!



Whether you are a company or an individual wanting to volunteer, you are so important to our mission. All volunteers make a significant impact in the lives of our members. The excellence of our programs is in part thanks to those who generously donate their money, time and expertise to help our youth reach their full potential. To learn more about how you can volunteer at the BGCLAH, check out our volunteer page!



Join us as we celebrate the Club, our community, our donors and our youth! Each of our special events helps us do Whatever it Takes to Back our Kids. Your support, through attendance or a donation, allows us to continue to help young people on their pathway to success.


In Person

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San Pedro Club

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Over the Phone

Call to learn more about how you can support those who need us most at 800-616-1616!

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Melissa, BGCLAH Parent

I like all the activities and educational help that my child recieves. The Club gives me a peach of mind while I am at work because I know he is well taken care of, getting his homework done and getting a good snack and meal. 

Tim McOsker, Donor

"As a society today, we are experiencing how difficult it is and how expensive it is to educate our children. Putting folks through college should not be an experience just for the rich. The College Bound program at the Club does such a phenomenal job of preparing kids for college and providing opportunities to go to college. And I think it really is imperative for all of us to participate in the success of the Club and give kids, who aren't our own children, the opportunity to dream of college, achieve college, and graduate from college. " 

Kris Pielago, Bids for Kid Chair

I can't imagine a better way to invest my efforts than to help give children the opportunity to excel in their passion. Every child should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams with hard work and the support nedded. Helping children and young adults makes this world a better place.