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Bringing Books to LA Harbor Youth

During the pandemic, the Club searched for ways to directly connect with MORE children as they were bound to their homes and virtual classrooms. Thus, our school buses were repurposed and Bookstore on Wheels was created! The Bookstore on Wheels traveled around to different areas in the community to distribute FREE books to all youth! The Bookstore has a menu, and each child is allowed to choose three books, rather than us just distributing books randomly. This way, we know there is a MUCH better chance the child will read the books provided.

With this new school year being back in-person, we will need all 5 of our buses for our Transportation program. Therefore, we are partnering with Amazon using their vans and delivery drivers to help with our “Bookstore on Wheels” to distribute over 1,000 books weekly throughout 2021-22!


The Book Bus

With the pandemic limiting opportunities for youth throughout our Harbor area communities, the Club continued to search for ways to directly connect with MORE children as they were being relegated to their homes and virtual classrooms. In the summer of 2020, we mainly drove the "Bookstore" to our 7 Club houses and then other Boys & Girls Clubs that were sponsoring summer programs for our first book distributions. The bookstore has a "menu” and each child is allowed to choose three books, rather than us just handing out whatever book is closest. During the school year while schools remained closed, we partnered with other non-profits for book distributions including Rec & Parks Centers, YMCA's, churches and even set-up in shopping centers. Additionally, we hosted 3 large Holiday events at which we distribute thousands more!

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“I like the Book Bus because we get to pick what book we want to read! Sometimes, I read my books to my family too so they can know what happens in the story. It’s fun seeing the big bus come and we all know we’re going to get to pick some books and read with my friends!”.

Andy, BGCLAH First Grader



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