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Q&A with Mia

Q&A with Mia, BGCLAH 3rd Grade Member

How long have you been a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor?

I started coming to the Boys & Girls Clubs of the LA Harbor because my only best friend comes here. She knows everything, so if she picked coming to the Club, you know it’s a good place. I’m glad I came because there’s so much stuff to do and it’s a lot of fun.

What is a typical day at the Club?

After school, I get on the bus. It’s so crazy because anytime there’s a bump in the street everyone goes up and down, and side to side. You don’t do that in a regular car. The bus takes us from our school to the Club, and then we get a snack. I like it because by the time school ends, I’m ALWAYS asking “can you please get me food”. Sometimes, we’ll have this bread with chocolate in it- that’s my favorite. After snack, we’ll go to the learning center and do homework. Sometimes, I’ll talk to my friends too and the staff have to tell us to do our homework. We usually help each other, but then if no one knows how to finish the work, the staff is always there to help us. They always know how to help!

After homework, I usually go to the gym. I really love the days we can play handball. It’s my favorite thing to do at the Club. Sometimes, I’ll go to the Art room too. My favorite art activity is when we get to make play dough. It’s so messy and it gets everywhere. The Art room is my happy place at the Club. I like drawing cause it’s like admiring my imagination; it puts the movie in my head on paper.

Who is your favorite staff?

Rosalina helps us with our homework. She’s always so nice and supports us in everything we do. I also like that she’s a new staff, like me. She started working at the Club around the time I started coming. It’s nice to have someone who is new, when you’re in a new place too.

How would your life be different if you didn’t have the Club?

If I didn’t go to the Club, I would be sad because I wouldn’t be able to play with my friends. It would be really lonely sometimes. I also like the Club because it gives me something to do and I’m always trying to be helpful. My goal is to be a Member of the Month, so I’m always asking the staff if they need help and always trying to be nice to the other kids. I really like coming home and telling my mom everything I did during my day, so if I didn’t have the Club, I wouldn’t have as much stuff to tell my mom too. It’s just a really fun place to be- you get to talk to your friends, get help when you need it, and get to play with things you don’t have at home.

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