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Q&A with Emily, BGCLA member

Q&A with BGCLAH 5th Grader, Emily !

What does a typical day at the Club look like?

Right now, it’s Summer Camp. There’s SO many fun things here during summer camp, and we don’t even have to do our homework like during the school year! When I first get here, I get some breakfast in the gym. Once we’re done eating we hang out in the games room and play until everyone else gets here. Once it’s time for camp to start, we get to go through Rotations and go to different rooms. It’s fun because we get to do different things and try them all out. We have art, gym, games room, the learning center and so much things to do!

We also have field trips! My favorite one is next week, Buccaneer Bay. We go on the BGCLAH bus- which is fun because we get to sit by our friends and it has AC so it’s cool during the summer. Buccaneer Bay is my favorite because it’s a water park, which is so fun during the summer when it’s hot. We’ve also gone to see Toy Story 4, Knotts Berry Farm, and the zoo!

What’s your favorite thing at the Club?

Definitely dance class! We get to do so many different dances and learn a lot steps. Dance class lets me show my true personality!

Who is your favorite staff?

Savannah, the Dance teacher! She is really nice and teaches us a lot of fun dances. Sometimes other kids don’t like the dances, but I think they are fun! She always helps us learn if we are struggling; she’ll go over the same move over and over again until we can get it perfect. She’ll clap her hands to help us with the rhythms and movements and everything too.

Do you think the Club impacts you? Why?

The Club helps us with our homework during the school year. And if we ever need help, the staff will help us until we get it. Sometimes, other places will only tell us the answer and then move to the next kid, but at staff here always take the time to help. They always help us with our problems too. If me and my friend are fighting, I can go to the staff and talk about a good way to fix it. Or if someone is being mean to us, the staff always help. I’ve been coming here for 2 years and I’ve never been bored. There’s always fun things to do, and always someone to help us when we need it.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a Architect or City Planner. I really like organizing things and making blueprints of pretend buildings and cities. I always want to make sure that things are in their proper place and that everything has a place to go.

What’s your favorite joke?

What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter? An irrelevant!

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