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The BGCLAH has offically launched our new College Bound Website!

Last year was a record year for our College Bound Program! Over 2,000 high school members participated in College Bound, where 99% of seniors graduated on time, and 97% of those seniors stared college this past fall! Additionally, over $17.9 million in financial aid and scholarships were secured by our College Bound Class of 2022! But this year, we are looking to do even more! Our digital expansion of our College Bound program is allowing even more youth throughout Los Angeles to have access to the information they to plan their post-secondary education.

We are so excited to release the first step of our digital expansion with our College Bound Website! High school teens are able to get information about their A-G plan, potential majors & careers, learn how to apply to college, find out information on financial aid, and so much more. Having this information in one place and accessible anytime they need it will allow our teens, and teens throughout Los Angeles to have greater access to their Pathway to Success.

Stay tuned because in the coming weeks, we will be releasing even more through our College Bound digital expansion, with a College Bound app!

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