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Q&A with Daniela, BGCLA member

Q&A with Wilmington Club 3rd Grader, Daniela!

What does a typical day at the Club look like?

I take the bus to the Wilmington Club. I like the bus because Lalo is a good driver and we get to go to the Club safely and we don’t have to walk far. We get snack, which is good because after school I’m always hungry. Then, Ms. Paulina helps us with our homework. We have to finish all our homework before we can go have fun. When I’m done, I get my homework slip and then head straight to the gym! The gym is so fun because we have so many different activities. We play basketball, kickball, baseball and everything. Sometimes, I’ll go to the games room and play boardgames. Or the Art room. Yesterday, we made paper lizards out of egg cartons. I really like painting too. We always have supper in the afternoon too. Some days we have different things too, like College Bound or Smart Girls or Science projects. There’s always someone to help you with whatever you need!

What’s your favorite thing about the Club?

I really like the sports and activities. We always get to move around and jump. We can run, shoot, or race. You can’t really do that in school- you have to sit at your desk all day. But at the Club, it’s so much fun. And there’s so many things here- there’s so many balls and nets and everything, and extra of everything too so everyone can use them. And everyone always gets to play and have a turn too!

Whose your favorite Club Staff?

I have three: Richard, Camila and Natalie. Richard always lets us play in the gym and has fun games. He makes sure no one gets hurt, and helps get kids ice when they fall during basketball. Camila is so nice. She always helps me when my hair is messed up and helps protect everyone. Natalie is really nice too. She is always asking how my day was. Or if my heads down or if I’m having a bad day, she asks me if I’m okay or what happened. And she really listens and cares about what I say.

Do you think the Club impacts you? Why?

The Club is really fun. It’s a safe place because there always someone there to protect us. If we’re having a bad day at home or at school, we can come and have fun or talk to the staff about it. And they teach us things too. If you don’t know how to play baseball, they’ll teach you how to old a bat and hit the ball. We learn a lot in College Bound and art class too. And the staff always answers our questions. Whenever we need help, they’ll help us; whenever we need anything, they always give it to us.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want go to UCLA or UC Berkeley for college. I also want to be a basketball player, but also a BGC Staff so I can help people too.

What’s your favorite joke?

Knock, knock.

Whose there?


Police who?

Can you police come to my Christmas dinner?

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