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Junior Youth of the Year 2019

Junior Youth Site Competitions 2019

Thank you so much to South Bay Ford and Ford Fund for sponsoring our Junior Youth of the Year Competitions! Our middle school members are nominated throughout the year to become a Junior Youth of the Month a their Club sites. Those members are chosen based on their outstanding leadership and overall excellence at their Club site. These members are then eligible to participate to become the BGCLAH Junior Youth of the Year!

Each participants is nominated by a BGCLAH staff, creates a portfolio with their most recent acheivements, presents a two minute speech and has a one on one interview with three judges. This year, we have 10 middle school members compete to become the 2019 BGCLAH Junior Youth of the Year!

As special thanks to our guest judges:

          Wilmington Site: Elva Lopez (The Nonprofit Partnership), Pat Romeri, and Crisitian Amaya (State Farm)

          San Pedro Site: Melissa Alvarado (BGCLAH Board Member), Lori Bettis and Olga Chavez (Marathon)

          Port of LA Site: Lisa McGuire (Holland Partner Group), Daniel Torres (Northrup Grumman), and Nadia Elgrably

Congraduatlations to our Jr. Youths of the Year:

          Corrin M., San Pedro Site

          Mia V., Wilmington Site

       Ahmad S., Port Site

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