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Get to know our Corporate Partners: Abraham Rodela, Cox Communications

Corporate Partner Profile

May 2019

Abraham Rodela          

Field Service / Outside Plant Maintenance Supervisor , Cox Communications

Abraham Rodela was a Club Kid. Growing up in San Pedro, Abraham went to Dana Middle School and San Pedro High School. When he was 11 years-old he began attending the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor’s San Pedro Club site. Abraham and his friends spent a lot of time in the Club’s weight room. He graduated high school in 1997 and shortly after, married the girl next door Maria – literally – and they now have two beautiful daughters.

When Abraham’s daughter, Kimberly, decided college was to be her path, he signed her up for the College Bound Program at the San Pedro Club site. He is grateful for the support the case workers provided his daughter, Kimberly. She attended every Wednesday evening for College Bound Workshops. This support provided her everything she needed to learn to apply to college, complete financial aid forms, and ensure she was taking the proper high school classes to graduate on time. Abraham beams with pride that Kimberly has just completed her first year studying biology at Cal State Fullerton. Abraham wishes College Bound had been around when he was a student and is grateful that the program supported his family to navigate the complicated process of going to college when neither he or his wife had ever attended. “We would have figured it all out because we were committed to Kimberly going, but College Bound made it so much easier,” said Abraham.

Abraham wanted to send a special message to this year’s College Bound Graduates:

“Congratulations for everything you have already accomplished! Through my daughter, I saw the stress and the hard work and personal drive required to get to where you are now. It’s not an easy task to achieve. Take this momentum into your first college semester and do not let off the gas.”

Since 1999, Cox Communications has been a supporter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor. Abraham has been an employee with Cox Communications for 14 years. He is proud that Cox is committed to supporting organizations like the Boys & Girls Clubs. When asked why he believe’ s Cox supports the Boys & Girls Clubs Abraham replied, “Cox supports the Boys & Girls Club of LA Harbor because Cox has a long-standing history of supporting education. Programs like College Bound are making a difference in the lives of many students. I’ve seen it firsthand. I’m proud to have been a Club Kid and now represent Cox which supports the Boys and Girls Club of LA Harbor.”

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