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College Bound Workshops for Our High School Seniors

College Bound Director Yesenia Aguilar and her coordinators have been very busy these last couple of months making sure our seniors have all the tools they need to fill out their college applications. Every Monday through Saturday, our College Bound Centers at our San Pedro Club, Wilmington Club and Port of Los Angeles Club have been packed with high school students, especially seniors, preparing their applications with the support of our College Bound coordinators and case managers.

A College Bound tutor helps two high school seniors with their personal statements.

Deadlines for college and scholarship applications are closing in and we have been making sure that our students have the knowledge they need to turn in excellent applications. Our College Bound coordinators and case managers provide 1-on-1 mentoring to all of our College Bound students including our high school seniors which is needed now more than ever.

One way we have been assisting our high school seniors is with two workshops per week that walk our students through the entire college application process. The workshops have been attended by up to 80 seniors at each Club and topics range from “Selecting a College” to “Personal Statement Writing” to “Filling Out the UC Application.”

High school seniors at our San Pedro Club take notes at a College Bound workshop on the UC application process.

As a start to the application season, we hung up our “Wall of Fame” at each Club. The Wall displays pictures of our seniors. Once their acceptance letters start coming in, we will add the name of the colleges they were accepted to under their pictures. It has always been a very proud moment for our seniors to list the colleges that have accepted them under their pictures. We look forward to starting the process again this year!

Our previous College Bound Wall of Fame.

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