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BGCLAH Teens & Mark Walhberg Shoot PSA for Tacobell

On March 16th 2012, Jeremy Diaz, Jackelyn Dorado, Eric Chhea, Danielle Johnson, and Tabitha Sanchez were invited to participate in a public service announcement produced by the Taco Bell foundation for the Graduate to Go programs.

After a short ride to Hollywood, the teens were registered and pulled into the library where they were greeted by Sally George, a Graduate to Go representative. They then met the director of the production and were placed in the first scene for the PSA. The teens were later joined by Mona Dixon, the Boys & Girls Clubs National Youth of the Year, Mona will appear in the majority of the PSA alongside Mark Wahlberg.

In this library scene, the teens portray a video class in session as Mark Wahlberg shows Tabitha how to edit her video, Jeremy, Jackelyn, Chhea, and Ella work on their video projects in the background. The PSA will cover programs run by the Taco Bell foundation and this particular scene falls into the new Graduate to Go Studios section.

One great thing about a genuine production is the catering! Everyone involved in the shoot were well fed throughout the day.

Another great experience made possible by the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation and the Taco Bell Graduate to Go studio program, we hope to be a part of many more projects in the near future!

Alex Monita – San Pedro, Graduate to Go Studio Director

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