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Space Art

High school kids love to create. They are often found fighting the urge to doodle on their desks when bored in class, or chalking up the blackboard with multicolored drawings to add some spark to the most mundane announcements. Our own Club sites have been tagged a time or two with unwanted spray paint. When given the space to unleash their creativity, amazing things happen.

Friday Art Nights have been a huge success for our high school members. They look forward to these “Paint the Night Away” events. Although not a consistent weekly affair, when these occur our kids are excited to have the opportunity to learn how to hone their talents in a way they never thought possible. Even the most banal items are transformed into beautiful art. Nothing becomes off limits.

Spray paint often has negative connotations. It often congers up images of youths permanently defacing other’s property with their tags. The imagery that spray paint can create is often overlooked. And for those of you who have never used spray paint, it’s just really fun to have that can in your hand and let that paint run wild. Our members were able to experience creating something out of a blank canvas through Graffiti Space Art.

Using random canisters to achieve that perfect size Saturn, and sponges to create the craters in the moon our Staff were able to teach the kids proper technique to put their imaginations onto paper. The different layers of spray were used to allow for the dimensions and almost 3D look you see in the above picture. Our members were taught the use of shading, colors, layering, textures, and shapes. The final products of their graffiti space art were something out of this world.

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