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Maddie’s Moment

On any given day, Madeline Wright can be found either at school, the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor, or volunteering in her community. Her days are filled with AP classes, leadership and educational clubs, and service projects. She describes herself as ambitious, undaunted, and devoted; and other around her would agree. Her want to succeed as overpowered any challenges she faces. She has had to overcome many obstacles to become who she is today- A Junior class president whose in the top 2% of her class and the San Pedro BGCLAH’s Youth of the Year.

As a daughter of a drug addict, she grew up believing that she would follow in her father and brother’s footsteps. Around 60% of children whose parents abuse drugs also abuse drug when they’re older. This one statistic shaped Maddie’s outlook, “It was the number embedded in my brain, the number my brother has become, and the number that was destined for me. I saw 60% in my sleep, in my father’s eyes; stained on my skin was 60%. Statically speaking, I will not have a successful future” (Madeline Wright). As she faced her family’s cycle of drug abuse, she attended Al-Anon meeting for children whose parent’s abused drugs. She learned how to cope with her family struggles and began to understand why her father and brother made the choices that they did. She started expanding her outlook in life, exploring different subjects, and joined the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Los Angeles Harbor. The Club became her second home. She made her best friends at the Club and learned about college and life.

As she became a Club kid, she started to become more and more involved in the Club, her school, and her community. Despite everything she has gone through, she continues to succeed. Madeline is the Keystone President, Junior class president, a honor student with a GPA, a member of Leaders in Training, Girl Talk, College Bound, and continues to maintain a substance free lifestyle. She hopes to attend Harvard and become a neurosurgeon.

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