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Giving Tuesday – Happy 2nd Tuesday of the Holiday Season!

As we celebrate the second Tuesday of the holiday season as part of our #GivingTuesday initiative, we would like to share this message from a Club youth. We hope it will cause you reflect on how the holiday season can bring all of us together.

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As the last final exam is completed and students rush out of their classrooms, the holidays finally begin. Parking lots and stores everywhere are traditionally adorned with colorful lights and wreaths that mesmerize us and lets me know that finally the holidays are in full effect. I feel serene and tranquil when the decorations in the downtown San Pedro area are first set up.

The most important part of the holidays is being thankful because we realize as we look around that we have everything we need within our grasp. We have good health, a loving family, a roof over our head, and much more. Some people don’t focus the holidays on shopping or the latest door buster deals and rather enjoy spending time with their loved ones and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate. We take for granted how fortunate we are and we neglect to carry these values with us throughout the year however the holidays quickly remind us what we need to be grateful for.

The holidays give us an opportunity to love and share what means the most to us and definitely allows us to open our eyes to what we are fortunate to have. With these situations in mind we can embrace the true beauty of the holidays and genuinely be happy.

–          Christopher Williamson, age 16, has been attending our Port of LA Boys & Girls Club for 3 years.

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