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Celebrating Pi Day with Tesoro

On March 14 (3/14), we celebrated the “M” of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) with engineering volunteers from our corporate partner, Tesoro, for an event all about the mathematical constant of π (pi). Our Club high school members also hosted a 3D printing demonstration to showcase what they have accomplished in our STEM programming.

Thanks to a three-year $375,000 grant from the Tesoro Foundation, we are now able to employ a dedicated, full-time STEM coordinator who will develop STEM programs at our three main Clubhouses in San Pedro and Wilmington, and provide training for staff members. This generous contribution will allow us to expand our STEM programs to serve even more Club kids with advanced learning opportunities.

Tesoro volunteers helped our Wilmington Club middle school youth build cardboard pies using their knowledge of circumference and radius. Once the students finished their cardboard pies, real pie was served!

Thank you to all of the volunteers from Tesoro for celebrating with us and thank you to our Board member and Tesoro Sr. Technical Manager, Mike Depasquale.

Cardboard pies in exchange for real pie!

3D printing demonstration.

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