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Character Leadership Sportsmanship


Our mission in the Athletic Department is to impact lives through character and sportsmanship. Our goal is to offer a well-rounded program that allows all members to participate in seasonal sports leagues, daily programs and activities.

We offer affordable, competitive and organized sports leagues. These leagues are offered for all members age 6-18. Our purpose is to teach the members the fundamentals of each sport and instill the importance of maintaining good character, leadership, sportsmanship, responsibility and teamwork.

Daily athletic and fitness opportunities are vital to a successful Clubhouse. Our daily programs are focused on improving the overall health of each of our Club members. We strive to increase daily physical activity, teach good nutrition and stress the importance of developing healthy relationships. To realize this goal we encourage our members to participate in daily fitness activities.

Meet the Athletes


"I get to come to the Club and play basketball! It  helps me stay active and have energy. Especially if I'm having a bad day, I can come to basketball practice or a game and forget about everything."


I really like the sports and activities. We always get to move around and jump. We can run, shoot, or race. You can’t really do that in school- you have to sit at your desk all day. But at the Club, it’s so much fun. And there’s so many things here- there’s so many balls and nets and everything, and extra of everything too so everyone can use them. And everyone always gets to play and have a turn too!


"Soccer is my favorite thing at the Club. I've learned how to kick the ball and different plays during games. The coaches help us play better as a team. I can run fast!"


"The Boys Club of San Pedro, as it was called then, was something I'll never forget. There staff were very involved with the kids at the Club. I enjoyed my time with sports, especially fishing. Back then, we were taken to the Cabrillo Beach Pier. I  am very appreciative for what the Boys Club did for me and the fond memories."


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